How Often Do You Get Spam Emails From Chinese Manufacturers?

I am curious how common this is, so I am creating this poll. Please answer:

I almost always get 20+ and, its crazy, because Google never sends them to spam or to the promotion tab... plus there's no unsubscribe link.

I have also gotten such spam on 2-3 different accounts but I have never gotten a picture. However, I have spoken occassionally to the contact person (always female) and they do exist and are helpful - to a point. I have never actually ordered anything.

I'm not sure how I dodged this bullet, but I get nearly none. I'm always the last to know about the $30 special.

I can fix that for you.

One of my colleagues went to the Secutech show a few years ago in Taiwan and he brought and gave out my business cards at the booths...

About 3+ per day for me. I just insta-delete them.

I'm somewhere between Never and 1-3. But I've lost count of the number of Chinese I'm never met that have invited me to LinkedIn. I wish there was a button to ignore any invitations from PRC!

No PRC = No PC

But if you are determined you can always goto the top menu bar and choose LinkedOut->Geospatial Exclusions->Unfriend A Country or Region... ;)

I was going to answer the poll until I realized this was probably an attempt to get my email address.


Anyone who votes never will immediately have their email forwarded to Coco at Longse ;)

I already get Longse emails from: Coco, Ari, Debbie, Elin, Fancy, Fly, Irene, James, Janey, Jason, Lily, Lisa, Lena, Lizzie, Mechall, Sylvia and last, but not least, Yvonne

I got one from Moliya at Longse today. Are they hiring? Using different names? How many people do they have doing this?

Over 200 as I was told.

You forgot Serena and Eva :-)

I get a least a couple per day (7 days a week) to my personal/corporate email account but we also get them to our general/corporate account. Sometimes I get three to the same account within seconds of each other. This must be from them getting my email from three consecutive years at a trade show. Someday I'm hoping to find that nugget of a product that is revolutionary, but not so far.

It's starts as early as midnight for me and get the usuals trickling in after that. What I hate is when they send them to me and they get my name wrong...but I mean totally wrong to where they call me one of my peers names. Wtf! you got to be carefull at the trade shows for them cute little short Asian girls running around scanning badges without a brand or company associated to them.

Btw, I don't know if it's just me but in the last week my volume of Chinese spam has spiked. I've got almost 10 this morning alone. And it's from new companies, not the usual Longsee/Wodsee suspects. Ugh.

It's cute how the subject lines now always begin with "Re:", as if you had already communicated with them.

Check this one out from this morning, pretty sophisticated:

Includes a Re:, my company name and Dahua in the subject. Crazy pitch too.

"No/Refuse..." You better take that seriously. You know how things work over there.

Chinese mafia

This new message is one of the weirdest I have ever received:

I have been getting a hammered with CVI emails from China lately. Either the company that I bought from, to test a couple out, sold my name and interest or they are skimming these forums then buying contact addresses from a database.

To be clear, they are not skimming IPVM as we never show / disclose email addresses.

There's tons of ways, though, for them to get emails. Manufacturers are notorious for sharing leads / emails at tradeshows (those girls running around scanning badges, etc.). And I am sure these some of these smaller online shops are happy to re-sell emails for a little more money.

Years ago I personally met a spammer once who said he bought his lists from an employee inside AOL. So they can get them from almost anywhere. I'd trust a small company like IPVM, but your larger ones are a lot harder to control information.


Longse just spammed me in Spanish:

I've gotten an email or two from "Pedro"! I guess they think the name will help their cause... not!

New Longse spam tactic:

Here is an aggressive approach from Wodsee:

"Hello Friend ,

Here is Vivi from wodsee . I will take all of you business from now on ."

Ivy from Cantonk just sent me an email in Russian, quite the operation.

Longse spam now in Danish:

Automatically translated Danish... Or manually translated by someone who isn't too good at Danish.

Translating the Danish text to English would be something like:

Dear Manager,

Longse a 10 year old professional, No. 1 OEM CCTV manufactur, with 200 igeniør R & D department and 2000 employees. development of new products in agreement herewith to the market.

And yes, manufacturer misspelled on purpose, since the Danish word was misspelled. They used the (misspelled) English word Egineer, so I used the Danish misspelled word igeniør. And the use of herewith is also on purpose, directly translated from the danish "hermed". Any other errors are my own, I think.

  1. Write a response in Danish
  2. Translate into Swahili, then
  3. Translate into Chinese.
  4. Let them figure it out.

Cantonk just sent me an e-mail in Russian, Longse spam now in Danish...

Are you a Polyglot?

Cher is watching you and not happy:

I honestly never see them. They get caught in my spam filter, which I rarely check. I have yet to find anything important caught there.