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How Much Should I Mark Up Cameras?

I just started my company in california, but been in the camera business for a while and i have a couple questions.How much should i charge for cameras. Lets say i have a $200.00 camera what should should i charge the customer? and does anyone know what a good hourly rate for labor labor should be ?

What part of California? If Silicon Valley, minimum should be $500 per hour (just kidding... somewhat).

Take a look at Real World Camera Markups Revealed and Security Integrator Hourly Rates for statistics on that.

Where in California does matter. Pretty much everywhere will be above industry averages, but some areas, like the Peninsula, can command even far higher than that.

What about the west los angeles area around bel-air brentwood santa monica areas?

I don't have direct experience in those areas. That said, given the overall cost of housing and income levels in that area, you might be able to do 25% to 50% overall national averages.

IP systems, you should be able to get $110 to $140 per hour

you should be able to mark up your cameras 1.7 - 1.8 soa $200 camera should sell for $360