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"Expert" Influence On This Capital Project?

The Hawaii legislature is trying to pass a bill to establish a working group to develop a surveillance system for the capital. Here is who the group will be composed of:

Here is the full text of the bill. Three important questions come to mind:

1. The working group will possibly have two private sector experts on it. John, or anyone in Hawaii, have any clues on who they may tap for those spots if the bill passes?

2. What are the chances that those spots will be filled by representatives from prominent manufacturers (which is probably even worse if they only fill one spot)?

3. Looking at the people who would be on this working group, how much influence should we expect the "private sector expert" to have on what equipment gets spec'd?

This is Hawaii so presumably it will be a local integrator who has political connections.

The last CIO of Honolulu was former business partners with an integrator here and one of his low level sales reps became Deputy CIO.

Banana Republic.

Should we take it to mean that you were able to put the screw in the coffin of this project, by your relenting critique?:

John Honovich Top Commenter

If they are installing fiber and power lines in difficult to access locations, it will take months - best case scenario. If it's really 34 cameras for $1.5 Million, it is very likely that a high degree of waste or incompetence is involved. $44,000 is astronomically high and is way out of line for any historical industry metrics -

Or is this a different project 'on top' of that one?

I wish I was able to make a difference here but no.

Also, this is a different project.