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$41,000 Per Camera For A UK City???

Quite a bit if you live in Claygate, England...

“The increase in arson and vandalism in the village has meant that we need a camera in the car park,” he said.

“There is a lot of noise and there is often rubbish left strewn around. If we had a camera we could see who is doing the damage.”

“We always had it in mind to put a camera in the parking area but we used up the money we had on the Parade,” Mr Rhodes said.

Apart from being a deterrent, CCTV acts as a big reassurance to people because they know someone is watching. It may not be the solution but it does tend to help.”

Peace, but at what price?

On average the installation of a CCTV camera costs about £25,000 [$41,000] plus running costs, Mr Kipps said.

Peter Kipps, manager of the partnership, said: “We have been down to Torrington Lodge and given them a quote for the CCTV but it is an expensive choice,” he said.

But you can't keep a good politician down:

“I hope we can work out a scheme and get some money together.”

Admittedly the article is a bit dated (2005), but it jumped out at me because of the high average price of a single camera, as well as featuring comments from Brian Rhodes (presumably not IPVM's own).

Have prices really fallen that much in 8 years or is this just B.S.?

Well, city systems routinely cost tens of thousands per camera, whether in the US or UK. A lot of the cost goes into the networking /communications portion, whether it's fiber or a custom wireless network (e.g., here's one at 17k per camera).

I do not the specifics here. While I think such prices for cameras are hard to justify (relative to the benefits), it's unfortunately common.

$40k? Where's my passport, I'll do it for $35k a piece, 4 camera minimum.