How Much Do You Charge For A Truck 'rOll'?

In another discussion, a figure of $750 was mentioned off-handedly as a charge to roll a truck. (Though this probably included some unspecified labor or off-hours component as well).

Curious, how much do you charge just for the roll?

How do you charge, by the mile, hour or both?


minimum service call of one hour, if call is in town then we also charge a one time truck charge for the day, if out of town we charge mileage along with the service charge... this is for non-residential customers.

90 minutes pay for the truck's crew plus $75 within a 20 minute drive, plus $100 for a 30 minute drive, and so on. If you end up doing any work, give them a $50 to $75 credit off the normal charge for the job.

$125 just to leave the lot + 1 hour minimum of $125. Basically any stop is $250 unless it is something really quick and easy like a reboot or something. If it is something that fast we will usually update some software or look at system settings etc. for awhile so they get their moneys worth.

Are service calls a good revenue generator or is it something an integrator would prefer not do all the time?

I see two types of service: 1. service calls that are not part of a "Service Plan" and 2. a "Service Plan" which means the integrator rolls out whenever there is a problem.

I see the advantages of both. It would be interesting to know how many IPVM integrators are offering al a carte vs. plan ?

Local (up to 50 Miles) service calls have a 2 hour minimum plus $75.00 site fee

A, I wish i was leaving something out, minimum charge for that company for any call was 1/2 day labor which was $750. Wish i was kidding. I have left that company now. That was part of the reason. I had a big problem with what they charged their customers for everything. Whats worse is that it was for unlicensed and very poorly trained labor and substandard equipment. That was the first integrator i have ever worked should have seen the warranty support...90 days on equipment they got a year from the oem on...sheesh. Anyway, on to better group now. Thanks

I have left that company now

Good for you!

...minimum charge for that company for any call was 1/2 day labor which was $750

I figured maybe the truck was special:

Lol, if only, 4 vans with magnetic signs and paint coming off all the hoods. I thought they were kidding at first. Thats one of the great things about what john is doing with ipvm. The industry transparency ipvm is creating makes it harder for greedy sheisters to get away with crap like that. Funny stuff A