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How Many Threats Have IPVM Received From Hikvision Or Its Surrogates?


I'm interested in how many threats IPVM has received from Hikvision or it's surrogates? Your reporting is very damaging to their reputation (rightly so) and they tend to get very aggressive towards those who disagree with both their operations and business plan. I would be interested to know if you've received any threatening responses in the past.

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#1, thanks. I made this its own post as more people may be interested in the answer.

Hey, we are not Australia!

Related, China threatens Australia with list of 14 grievances, and second, China slaps tariffs of up to 212% on Australian wine imports.

I call this out because the most common PRC tactic is economic. With us, it's just not a factor. We don't accept advertising. We never pursued the China market and we have been blocked inside China for over 2 years. There's just not much Hikvision or its surrogates can do.

In 2017, they did a blog series condemning us but they quickly stopped. My suspicion is that they realized that saying that we were 'cyberbullying' them, a multi-billion dollar subsidiary of the PRC government, was a bit silly and not gaining them supporters.

What about the DDoS attacks earlier this year? What was the consensus there?

I don't believe it was Hikvision. The way it ended (with mass signing us up to newsletter lists) was fairly amateurish. Also, time-wise, it matches up more with our fever camera reporting.

I know this is not directly related to the threat question but I have a question of my own.

@John Honovich, how do you think the scenario for the next years will be regarding Huawei, Hikvision or Dahua in the USA related to the JOHN McCAIN ACT? Do you believe is going to be enforced ?

I don't know. We briefly discussed this topic here - Trump Bans US Investment Into 'Chinese Military Companies', Including Hikvision. There's varying opinions, hopes, and fears of what a Biden administration will do but I don't think there will be clarity at least for a few months.