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How Many VMS Licenses Do You Need For A Panoramic Camera?

I'd like have have an option of recording any of the views that I need. Does any of the VMS vendors make it mandatory to buy a certain minimum of licenses? When I added Axis M3007 to Milestone Professional it added 8 different views and consumed 8 licenses. Is this normal? Can I disable some of the live/recording to retain licenses?

I added our M3007 to Milestone Enterprise and found the same thing. It appears to add similarly to an 8-channel encoder. You can disable some of the channels but it seems odd that it would require multiple channels for what are essentially secondary streams.

With Video Insight, the camera licensing is based on devices, or 'camera bodies', not individual imagers. So, with Arecont for example, the four image streams are all covered under one camera license. Each can be treated individually (for server-side motion detectiom, privacy masking, etc). The 4 views make most sense side-by-side.

VI - Arecont images

Multi-channel analog-to-IP encoders are treated along the same lines: The encoder device requires a single license, and all image streams delivered by it work under that umbrella camera license. In both cases, a single IP address is used and multiple ports are configured, one for each stream.

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On the other hand, VI treats single-imager, single-stream panoramic or hemispheric cameras as one license. Their Monitor Station client can be set to de-warp the camera so the single-camera view presents a quad of 'virtual PTZ' views. Each sector can be moved or zoomed. Or double-click for a single dewarpped view. Or choose 'live view' to see the raw fisheye video. The VI web viewer and mobile clients don't dewarp, so you see the fisheye image.


VI-Sentry360 dewarpped single


Completely normal for Milestone and ONSSI.

For Milestone and ONSSI, cams with multiple streams do indeed use a license for each stream. The simple fix is to only enable the ones you actuaally need to use. This can be done at any time within the management application.

Ideally, you do all the stream enables during your 30 days grace period....and when you have all the channels configured as you register the software on the Milestone site to get the permanent licenses activated.

*Note: I am a technical trainer for OnSSI. Ocularis is our VMS product


In older versions of Ocularis this was the case... however, starting with Ocularis 3.5 (we are at 3.8 now), the Arecont 180 and 360 multi-imager cameras, all of the Axis Area View cameras (including the M3007) and IQ Eye Cameo only require 1 camera license.

Here is the link to our 3.5 Release Notes (check right at the bottom of page 1)

This is from our Supported Devices page for the M3007:

Thanks Mike. What if I've only one license left in Xprotect & I'd like to add Axis M3007? Would it add only one? It's reasonable to expect to choose which streams do I record & hence be charged for those licenses.

Thanks Michael & Marty. Good to know OnSSI & VI charges for only one license by default. I'm assuming if I need to record more streams, both allow additional recording capability.

Anyone with Genetec experience?

With Genetec Security Center 5.2 it uses 1 license for an Axis M3007

Exacq Technologies also only uses 1 license for each IP address, regardless of the number of video streams. also 1 license typically for 4 channel encoders, 4 licenses for 16 channel encoders.

DVTEL only uses 1 license for panoramic cameras.

ExaqVision need one license for M3007