How Is The First Quarter Of 2015?

Business wise, it's been pretty slow in the south east, both for ourselves and other vendors I've talked to. How is it in your "neck of the woods" (region)?

Blame it on the cold weather / snow / winter / etc. I have heard the same in other territories.

Btw, we plan to do a survey on Friday, after the quarter officially ends.

In the South Central US (KS/AR/OK/TX/NM) it has slowed down due to the price of oil dropping steeply. Oil & gas is the main driver in these areas, so when it dips, everyone notices it.

Many of my buddies who were on oil rigs six months ago are at home looking for lawns to mow or handyman work. They seem to think it's going to bounce back soon.

Here, the integration work always seems to lag behind the overall trendline by six or eight months.

Our local projects are greatly impacted by the weather. It is hard to do work outdoors when everything is flooded and/or frozen.