How I Can Get Camera Co-Ordinates From An IPVM Calculator Project?

dear expertise

kindly assist me in the following

i design a project using IPVM calculator for outdoor cameras , i need to share the co-ordinates info with wireless network team


Right click on each camera select edit it and you'll see the latitude longitude of that camera.

Also we will add the latitude and longitude into the CSV export option in the next week and I will post an update to this discussion when it's done. Thank you.

Montasser, ok this is down. Now when you generate a CSV export you will get the latitude and longitude included, looks like so:

thanks , also can we get it like KMZ file

No, KMZ file now. It is something that has been asked once before but it's fairly niche and would take some time to do.

We would consider it in the future but not appropriate right now, relative to what else we are working on. I hope the CSV export helps simplify your sharing with the wireless team.

thanks john , i export it and forward it to network team