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How Does Pelco Price / Quality Compare For Mid / Low End Cameras?

I was by a location the other day and the customer had a few 2MP Pelco IP cameras. Together with I think a pelco DVR. The quality looked pretty good. I dont have any experice with Pelco IP products, only their old ananlog ones.

How does pelco fit in the price range and quality spectrum for the mid/low level cameras?


Pelco is typically priced near Axis, for equivalent feature sets. It's probably not a coincidence :)

Some models may be slightly less or more but it's in the same range. As such, it's notably higher than the budget suppliers.

Here's a list of Pelco HD, non WDR dome cameras. You'll see low price ~$250, average price ~$780, high price ~$1250, which is similar numbers for Axis.

Untill Axis came out with their P32 series, Pelco actually had some mid level cameras for quite a bit less than equivilent Axis and the image was great. Integration is not as good with 3rd party VMS's and bandwidth useage tended to be higher.

Amos, thanks.

From what I have seen / heard, the big brand manufacturers (like Pelco, Axis, Panasonic, Sony, etc.) typically try to stay close to each other's pricing.

For example, if Axis was to suddenly drop their prices 20%, then Pelco, Panasonic, Sony, etc. would seriously consider matching.

On the other hand, if an integrator or user says "Hey Pelco/Axis/Panasonic/Sony, I see Dahua/Hikvision/ACTi/Vivotek has the same exact specs for half the price", they'll most likely blow it off.

As one Pelco rep revealed in our manufacturer sales pitch review, "Pelco emphasized being from California / the US and that Hikvision was 'not in the same field'."