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Get Emails / Tweets For Individual IPVM Commenters / Comments?

I see that there is a twitter account for IPVM as a whole but what if I just want to get an email/tweet for:

all John, Marty, Rukmini, Ari, Brian comments?

I've never thought about that before. We could do it. It's not rocket science to add it in.

Who else is interested in this?

We could do a couple of things. Link a dedicated IPVM twitter account to auto tweet whenever IPVM admins tweet or specific admins (like one for Brian, me, etc.). And / or we could send an email.

Richard, thanks for suggesting it. Let's discuss this a little and see what the consensus is.

We could also integrate all new comments to a dedicated twitter feed for those who don't want their inbox overwhelmed but want to know what is happening.

Note, we get an average of 70 comments overall per day.

Yes, please sign me up for Undisclosed A.

The man's wide ranging knowledge is unmatched!

Although the response from members seems anemic, what about for prospective members? Why not tweet the header of all articles, just like the non-member e-mails? Is there a downside if its on its own twitter channel?

The last time someone wanted to be alerted any time I said anything I was in the fourth grade, and on the verge of getting suspended from school for "defiance and gross disrespect", and all my teachers had standing orders to report all my activities to the principal daily. I gotta say, this is nicer.

Yes, sign me onto All admin, Marty, Ari and "J.a. Cal" Calcaterra once it can be done. Now I can have all these guys flying under my radar screen!

Here also, if this time seems about right to you, I would like to make you my own idea which is that:

Auto-subscribe based on keywords/rules in articles and comments. Like manufactured/vendor names or WDR or 4K monitor or everything on the edge storage and maybe for fun 'trunkslammer'. If not autosubscribe just maybe send a little bleep, bleep at me with a link to it when it happens.

That's a pretty good idea for me, ok? thxu.

That's a pretty good idea for me, ok?

Don't be modest, that's actually a great idea for you! ;)

Auto-subscribe based on keywords/rules in articles...

I find the rule aspect quite intriguing, although propositional logic driven lexical parser w/ context-free grammar might be hard to say, it is even harder to implement and is closer to rocket science than simple keyword notification a la google.

If it were deployed I think it could have at least a novel appeal. Consider the following sample rules:

Notify me on any thread once John has commented.

Notify me on any thread with more than 20 posts.

Notify me when the Undisclosed to Disclosed ratio is greater than one in a thread.

Notify me when the exclamation(!) to period(.) ratio is greater than one in a thread.

Notify me when Marty Major replies to Marty Major.

Notify me when John replies to any Undisclosed Manufacturer and it is their first post ever on the forum.

Notify me when John replies to Alain Bolduc and the nesting level exceeds six.


Settle down Rukmini.... :)

I agree that Tedor's suggestion is good. We have already been throwing that around internally as a natural extension to the news monitoring service. If someone really cares about 'hospitals' or 'retail' or '4K' or 'H.265', they could enter it in free form and we would add weekly alerts for the terms that people care about (similar to google alerts).

The logic / chain element is cool but it's a little too niche for what we are looking at now.

He who thought of a great feature has volunteered to code that feature.