How Do We Better Promote IPVM Certified Professionals?

We now have hundreds of IPVM Certified Professionals, who have successfully completed courses in Access Control, IP Cameras or Video Surveillance.

I am looking at ways to better promote / showcase those people and the certification itself.

It's certainly a benefit for those people and I see increasing the recognition / awareness of our certification as a key driver for IPVM as a business.

Right now, all we have a is page of Certified People with their names, locations and LinkedIn URLs. Periodically, we promote it in course descriptions and emails. That's about it. Obviously we can do more.

Some ideas:

  • Run online ads that link back to a directory of Certified people, giving more exposure both to the offering and to the people.
  • Create badges that Certified people can display on their own sites.
  • Improve the Certified directory, perhaps making it searchable / sortable / displayed on a map so one can find Certified people in their area.
  • More prominent showcase on IPVM homepage to make it easier for visitors to find.

What do you think? Anyone with ideas are welcome. Especially interested to hear from those who are Certified as well.

John, yes to badges, john is the class for this 15nth going to have the full-on badges? Is it too late to order the course? Can their be "particpation badge"? Does the date show on the badge?or with month day just no year?

If yes, i can sign up at once for the full courseloaf!

All the classes get the 'badges', i.e., certificates. What we'll add is a way to easily embed / share online.

Yes, the date of the course shows on the certificate / badge (i.e. Spring 2014, Summer 2014, etc.).

Kip and Napoleon?

The online ads seems most appropriate. Until it is listed as a requirement, preference, or "must acquire within XX days of start" item on job listings it is purely a resume bullet point. If the hiring managers are not aware of it, the validity of it, and the value it adds to an employee then it will never be listed as a requirement for a employment opportunity.

You need certification initials. Then people will put them in the signatures of their emails, business cards, resumes, and etc.. It will force people to look up the credentialed initials until they know what it is. Example - Bowe Bergdahl, RCDD, PSP

You forgot AWOL...