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Help - I Need To View Onssi And Dvtel On A Single Client

I have a client with DVTEL installed in one site and OnSSI Ocularis installed at another. They would like to view cameras from both systems on a single PC using a single software package with the ability to display cameras from each site on a single screen or across multiple screens. Is there a platform around that will act as a client for different VMS systems?

I'm not familiar with the technicals of either, but check if they have the option to restream their cameras as RTSP streams or similar. Then you can use something like Network Optix to view the streams from each system. Another option is some sort of PSIM or high level access control system that is compatible with both and can display video from both systems. I did a quick check and Maxxess Systems lists bot DVTel and OnSSI on their technology partners list.

You're better off replacing one system or the other and get them on one platform. Using a PSIM or other items is going to be cost prohibitive, most likely on the front end but for sure on the back end of maintaining three systems (OnSSI, DVtel and a 3rd party integration).

I agree with Jason. Using yet another program to get these two to work as one is a recipe for disaster. If they just want to view the cameras and have nothing to do with them other than that what Luis suggests would probably work well, but as soon as they want to control or view saved footage they would be out of luck

Luis, Jason and Ross all have good points.

While there are some 'single platform' that can view both, it will likely cost a fortunate (tens of thousands minimal) with risk of it not working or breaking in the future. The platforms that might do this are typically PSIM or enterprise access control but most of them will likely not support both DVTel and OnSSI.

If you are dealing with a relatively small number of cameras, pick the VMS they like better and swap out the other one to standardize all cameras on the preferred system.

Roughly how many cameras are you dealing with?

Thanks for your comments. Each site will have roughly 50 cameras. As mentioned, the best option may be to change one of the sites VMS to standardise on a platform. The challenge will be finding out which is best, DVTEL or Ocularis. I believe the server, storage and network requirements will be similar for both platforms so in effect the client may just need a software change. I will investigate this further.

The DVTel system has the ability to create a "map" from any URL source and display it in an interactive tile. So if the Occularis system has a web client, it could become a map in the DVTel system. You can create a layout with a single large tile and attach the map to it. When this layout is opened, it would function the same as the Occularis web client,only in the DVTel system. The reverse is also true if Occularis supports the URL/map function, as DVTel has a web client. Unfortunately, you would not be able to 'mix and match' cameras from both systems on random tiles. The only other wqy I know how to do it would be with a PSIM.

Thanks for bringing that up! That is certainly an option with the limitations you noted above.

I forgot, we actually have a tutorial on this topic including integrating by embedding web clients.

Occularis X?

Occularis OpenSight? I sat through an OnSSI presentation not to long ago and one topics was their systems were able to pull streams from different VMS manufacturer's systems, I think this might have been it. You might want to contact someone at OnSSI for details.

Ocularis X would require another server as it is extremely processor intensive and requires flash. Again OpenSight will require more onssi licensing.

To me these are putting an expensive band aid on a wound. I would be leary of trying to web client inside another web client, sounds like your just looking for issues there.

Your best bet short term and long term is to just change one or the other out, have one platform to maintain and be done.

That will require more licensing too and a possible server upgrade, depending on the existing OnSSI or DVTel systems.

It might be helpful to know a little more about each system, what version software is running, the servers specs and how many of what type cameras are at each location and their recording configurations.

Maybe it's pick one or the other, or it could be the a situation where you might be better flipping both systems to a low overhead, lower-cost VMS platform such as Exacq.

Tough to tell with limited information. Sometimes there are no easy answers.

Neither X nor OpenSight allow integration with DVTel. X is for transcoding video to web clients. OpenSight is for federating OnSSI systems.

Maybe I was hallucinating but during a recent OnSSI presentation I swear they had a PSIM like product that would allow video to be pulled from non-OnSSI systems (Milestone, Getetec, etc.) and displayed in Occularis.

Paging Marty Major to the white courtesy phone...

Stick with one VMS. The Owner would need to maintain responsibility for up to three platforms, separate training, documentation, upgrades and patches, cross platfrom compatibility issues, SMAs etc. I would look into PSIM only if you had way more streams, VMS platforms, and disparete systems (i.e. fire, mass notificatiification, emergnecy resource allocation) you needed to integrate together for response management or situational awareness.

I agree with the others, find the best and stick with it. You will be doing your customer a favor.