How Do I Unify VMSes Of A Site With Both Avigilon And Exacq?

Having multiple types of VMSes / recorders is common in larger facilities. Almost as common is the desire to 'unify' or integrate both of those systems into a single interface / screen / client.

A member has recently asked about doing this with Avigilon and Exacq specifically.

There are no simple options here as VMS competitors actively work against making such support easy. See: Recorders Integrating with Other Recorders

A few potential options:

  • Get an access control system that supports both of them. If there is already an access control system in place, see if they support both.
  • Get a PSIM but that's gets very expensive fast ($100,000+ common).
  • Dump one of the two platforms.

Even if you find other software to integrate / unify them, that new software will not support all the advanced / specific functions of each underlying system as these 'overlay' applications almost always only implement basic features common across all video systems.

Immix SureView? At least that will give the user to view live video from both systems simultaneously. Archived video might be a different story.

We have a post on Immix SureView here. It will still cost in the tens of thousands and, as you mention, there will likely be constraints on search and other features.

SureView would likely be cheaper and more effective than a PSIM. But it would have to be a very large video system to justify the cost of SureView vs. dumping one of the two existing platforms and converting those cameras to the other system.

Bring up one of the VMS's free web service into an html window in a specific view of the other VMS.

It's a hack but it it's free! Worth considering.

Dual monitors at the workstation, use the cameras multiple streams to stream to the other recorder, reformat one system to be used as storage only,then license just one for all cameras to name a few ideas.
If you are looking for a unified acces control platform for both VMS options, Paxton Access would support either solutions VMS seamlessly as mentioned in the article; however, truly unifying the two could be more complicated. Integrating into either VMS is extremely simple with Paxton (literally drop down box and click VMS of choice under camera integration tab) but running both on one server could prove difficult as I do not believe you could simultaneously run both VMS solutions via the drop down box. You've peaked my interest though and I look forward to speaking with my Paxton tech support reps regarding this application.

I would just add the web interface of exacq as one of the windows in avigilon (you can display webpage as a camera - just add a 2nd monitor and start a 2nd window of the program and make it full screen ;)

Paul, how is that any better or different than just running each VMS's web (or thick) client on separate monitors connected to the same PC?

Am I missing something here because I am not sure what integration one gains from this?

Ironically, Exacq was supported by RedCloud, which was bought by Avigilon...

B, that is an interesting point. Does anyone know if Avigilon Access Control still supports Exacq's VMS?

Recent release notes suggest that Exacq is still supported an Avigilon ACM, but you will see no reference to it on their website itself, so it does not look like they are promoting it.