How Do I Factory Default A Samsung DVR?

I am locked out of my Samsung SRD 1650D DVR. I checked the user manual but it does not explain how to factory default the unit.

How can I do that? Please help.

Hidden key for Factory reset on at least some Samsung DVR's is

Mode Key + CH 2

The system settings are all reset to the factory default. If you press this hidden key under the passwordlock, the password lock will be set back to OFF (default) and you can access the menu.

The above method is for a very OLD model.

Here is the current method:

On the IR remote, press the following buttons, one at a time in sequence:

Freeze, Alarm, Freeze, Alarm, Freeze, Return.
A prompt should ask if you want to factory default.
Press left, then enter.

The unit will then reboot, or a prompt will tell you that the password has been reset.

Try it from the main screen with no prompt up, or from a log in prompt.

If no remote, then no reset?

It depend on the model. On models with front panel buttons, you should be able to press and hold [Mode] + [PTZ] buttons together for 5 seconds.