Why Are One Channel IP Encoders More Expensive Than IP Cameras?

In general, how come a One Channel Encoder cost more than one IP camera?

I am guessing because (1) economies of scale, there are ~100x cameras built than single channel encoders and (2) willingness to pay. By definition of buying a single channel encoder, it implies you want to do something specific / unconventional as the typical alternative is a 4 / 9 / 16 channel DVR.

Related, a 4 channel Hikvision TurboHD DVR (DS-7204HGHI-SH) costs less than a single channel Hikvision encoder (DS-6701HWI).

Yes, I would agree, I just would think it would be less than double the price of a HD IP camera, considering it only operates on SD resolution and has no optics and no sensor.

btw, the only one I can find under $100 is this grandstream encoder/decoder model for $90.

For the 4 channel encoders we use now, there are 4 channels of audio, plus 4/2 i/o, rs485/rs232 control circuitry. We pay around 250. i remember paying 600 bucks a few years ago for 241q quad encoders. Decent value.

Yes, they have gotten cheaper. I still use my 240q, going on 10 years now.

Vivotek VS8100 online for around $80.