How Can We Get A Taser Axon Body Cam 2?

Taser tells us they are only selling their Axon Body Cam 2s to law enforcement for the foreseeable future.

However, we would like to do a test.

Note: we can buy the older generation one online but it's VGA only.

Anyone have any advice on how we can get one to test or can help us get one? Alternatively, any notable competitors we should test first?


Perhaps by purchasing their arch-rival's HD body worn camera, and testing it against whatever unit Taser recommends....

That's an interesting approach. I also believe Vievu has some presence as well. We could do a few without them to start.

Make friends with a local police department and ask them to get a sample from Taser, then 'borrow' it from them. Having a good working relationship with the local PD is always a good thing. They are often very happy to help you test stuff out in more real world situations

Hmmm, friend of mine works for these guys.... U1's suggestion to compare some of the competition may pique their interest in playing along...

How about testing the HauteView? Looks pretty impressive although I'm only looking at the website.

The product looks interesting so it's a possibility. To start though, we'd like to focus on the cameras that are being most widely used, ergo the interest in Taser.

How about IndigoVision?

That's similar to me with Hauteview, niche product, might be worth testing but not a top candidate to start with.

Btw, Ethan mentioned to me on email about Panasonic's line. That might be a good choice to start, since they have a fairly big market presence already in the LE market.

Let's face it, everybody and their brother is trying to get their hands on this thing, so it's just another request, so perhaps a more indirect way is wise here.

Maybe you could bang out a review of Taser President Luke Larson's book, writer-to-writer. It's a conversation starter at least...

Of course, it's not Hesse, but what is these days?

I can try to get one. I was a Taser instructor and have a contact who is a master instructor.

Jason, thanks! Let us know if that's possible (my email -