How Can I Improve On Downloading Video From Avigilon Rialtos?

When exporting long files of video to customers to view, we have been challenged with finding good software that can handle 1000+ 15 sec video clips without crashing. Customer also likes to have the ability to fast forward the video. For these reasons we have found the Avigilon viewer and the free Movie Maker in Windows unsatisfactory. Can anyone recommend better stitching software that would allow a customer to easily view a large (12hr) video in vlc? Ideally it would be better to find software that could download directly from Rialto as one continuous clip - Any suggestions?

Robert -

In my personal experience, ffmpeg is probably the best/most flexible option for doing what you want. The concatenate multiple files with same codec feature/function is what you want to use. The downside is that it is very command-line oriented, and more of a tool to build a larger video processing app around.

You can't download from the Rialto directly as a single clip. All the video is stored as segments, and when you export video in View what it essentially does is build a playlist on the Rialto of all the clips you want to view, and then launch that playlist in a viewer or exporter function. You could use the API to replicate that function, but you'd still need a method to create a single long file.

At one point I had written a webapp that let you upload VideoIQ/Avigilon export .zips and it would turn them into a single long file and spit back a webpage that let you view the file using jwplayer. If you do a lot of exports/shares you might find that this will be a more efficient approach than trying various Windows movie-maker utilities, as I do not think there are any that can do what you want in a 1-click (or even 5-click) operation.

Thanks Brian,

Will look into the various software suggested.

Some information here on using ffmpeg with Avigilon, not sure if it applies... It is pulling RTSP...