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How Can City Street Cameras Use IP Cameras?

I was recently talking to a local Detective and he told me that the cameras at the intersections in our town are terrible, and you can see very little details. So I started thinking about why they dont use IP cameras, but then I realized that there probably is no easy way to have all the cameras from around the town communicate. You would have to run a network run either to one central location (way more then the limit) or to local internet locations. But if you do the second way, they probably cant record proprely with remote NVRs. Is there a solution to allow this?

Are you sure that those city street cameras are not already run back to a central location? There are lots and lots of analog cameras that have been run over fiber across cities.

As for your second suggestion, you could certainly do that. As long as you have space for a recorder, you can 'properly' record with remote NVRs.

David, many (i think most) citysurveillance solutions has their own central station. All the cameras are connected and controlled from there. But that doesn´t mean that the resolution is good enought. I think you are talking about low resolution...

About recording, you can do both local and remote recording. Each aproach with pos/cons.