How Big Will Drives Get? (Seagate 8TB Surveillance Hard Drives)

Interesting article about 8TB drives targeted at security and focused in China...

How big will drives get?

The China angle is really weird. CPSE is running now and a lot of component suppliers announce their because lots of hardware manufacturers go there (also Ethan is at the show and will be doing multiple reports).

Seagate briefed this with us a few days ago. It's really a simple increment from their current 6TB surveillance drives to 8TB.

Some other info: retail price ~$385 USD for 8TB surveillance drive vs ~$285 for 6TB model.

Here is Seagate's 8TB surveillance drive powerpoint and 8TB data sheet.

Interestingly, Seagate told us that longer RAID rebuild times would not be a concern but they also said that most surveillance systems use RAID 0 or 1 (contrast: Video Surveillance Storage Redundancy Statistics)

not big enough

just like I got an email a couple days ago saying the new Panasonic cameras support 128GB SD cards now, so a 6series camera will hold about 1/4TB of internal storage now.(2 slots)


Replace "TB" with "MB" and I'm pretty sure you could have this same exact discussion in 1982.

How big will drives get?

Actually they are getting smaller:

Yeah, this technology has really changed a lot the last 30 years...;)

1956 IBM hard drive
This is a monseterous 3.75 MB HDD from 1956

Here's an even older one

This is a monseterous 3.75 MB HDD from 1956

Also the first 'forklift upgrade'.

I remember my first PC with a 20MB MFM/RLL Seagate hard drive. Oh the good days!

Good ol' MFM... Motherf........

Good ol' MFM... Motherf........

Together with RLL... "Run Length Limited".

Who wants to buy a drive with a limited run length? ;)