Hosted Cloud PBX Phone System

Is anyone using a hosted cloud PBX Phone System? We are thinking about switching from our Current ON Site IP Based IP Phone System. 8 to 10 users. Ring Central, Vonage Business, 8x8, Fonality are the ones we are looking at. Mobile Apps is a big deal.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

When you say 'Mobile Apps is a big deal', do you mean that forwarding calls to mobile phones via an app is the benefit you're looking for?

Currently we have our mobile phones ring while our desk extension is also ringing. Looks brands have a app where you technically are using VOIP and the data network to make your calls through the mobile app. this would show the Company's main phone number and also call other extensions.

I dont have experience with the ones you're looking at first hand. Our company over the last year+ has gone from Granite to iCore to now Nextiva. They all have minor issues but we have been happy with Nextiva and they offer no contract service affordably. They also dont require expensive network equipment with custom configurations as some other providers have. Might be worth a look for you.

A family member has worked with several companies using Ring Central and had nothing bad to say about them.

Good luck

We currently yes 8x8 and over all the system works well but the mobile app doesn't. My biggest issue is you can only use 8x8's appoved hardware so adding SIP intercoms and other SIP devices is a no go. We are currenty in the process of switching to a new provider.

We tried to switch from our IP PBX to Ring Central. You will want to verify that your current CO provider has a porting agreement with the company you choose to partner with. We got everyting setup with Ring Central only to find out that we couldn't port our CO lines from our current provider to Ring Central because they did not have the paperwork in place. We ended up having to box up the phone and send them back and still use our IP PBX system. From everything we saw about Ring Central and the support we received they were great to work with, of course we needed to keep our phone number so it didn't work out.

David, Nextiva looks great! I havent found any bad reviews either. How well does the mobile app work? I have verified all my lines can port over.