Who Has Honeywell Website Access?

We are in the procees of deploying 70 Honeywell pannel across our sites in the US, can any one advise how to get a password to the Honeywell web site as i am struggling to get one off them.

Hello Undisclosed, which Honeywell website are you trying to access? Is there a specific item you are after?

In case you haven't seen this number already.

Yes. That's a bit pushing it. I was trying to have a client download the Honeywell desktop software and it required dealer access/ So I had to download software and instructions (multiple computers etc. so it was not in the budget for me to set them all all). I tthen uploaded to Google Drive.

If you mean a username and pasword to access the download center and dealer support site:

"To receive a username and password for accessing the Download Center, contact the customer service center within your region."

See here.

To be honest, they have always been quite accomodating to us. They offer us a username and password and stay on the phone with us to make sure it works. Not sure why you are having problems. Try asking for Ivan Nunez. He is most helpful to dealers.