Honeywell Security President To Leave

Honeywell Security Group President Scott Harkins is leaving his current position, according to a news report.

He leaves Honeywell Security as mediocre as when he arrived.

Reportedly, he is moving into a role dealing with 'connected home' which is a hot market right now that Honeywell seems to be interesting in competing in.

Does Honeywell even care anymore about video surveillance or access control?

10-12 years ago, Honeywell was arguably ahead of the game in video with their DVM product, but has since slipped.

In access as well as video, Honeywell has a lot of different product lines that compete with one another. NextAXS, Win-PAK, Pro-Watch, EBI, MaxPro, RapidEye, etc. These products are very good in their own right, but lack the coherent paths that other suites offer.

He leaves Honeywell Security as mediocre as when he arrived.

Who does mediocre refer to here, Honeywell or Harkins?


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I have a funny story about Scott Harkins. In 2006, we had recently started dealing with Honeywell Video due to their taking over support of the Alpha system from AlphaPoint (now Synectics, USA). We had to expand our system 128 channels and Honeywell was now our only source of encoders and licenses. I had had a few conversations with Greg Stowers over the previous few months and found him a bit obtuse and somewhat difficult to deal with but in this case, he was very helpful with the ins and outs of obtaining Honeywell equivalents of our AlphaPoint products.

At the next ISC West, I approached Mr. Harkins and asked him if he was Greg Stowers' boss. The look on his face suggested "Oh no, here it comes!" I proceeded to pay compliments about Greg for his helpfulness and watched as his expression changed from obvious disgust to a big smile.