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Honeywell Integration Issue With Lyric Security, NVR And IP Cameras

I picked up a client that is having ongoing issues. Not involved with the design and initial set up I was going in blind to resolve the issues. The set up is a Honeywell lyric security system, Honeywell NVR and IP Honeywell cameras. This specific set up was the only way to view cameras on the touchscreen and through the smart phone app. However since day one he had issues mostly cameras keep dropping out. The cameras are going through a POE switch so the the touchscreen and NVR can grab the camera. Long troubleshooting trials found the cameras themselves are the issue of dropping out. However tech support was not very supportive to give alternate solutions. Basically there is nothing that will work in all aspects, meaning touchscreen and NVR. Very disappointing seems how ALL products are Honeywell. Anybody have other solutions in place as the new client doe not want to accept that the original design is not actually designed to be fully compatible.

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