Honeywell ASIS Release..... Free Caricatures

You know a manufacturer has nothing new and important to show when they resort to tricks.

Not too long ago, Interlogix brought you the Cake Boss.

Now, Honeywell has their own promotion - Free Caricatures.

Yes, not a joke, unfortunately:

Why, Honeywell, why?

Because Honeywell Video Systems themselves are a caricature of a real Video Surveillance vendor?

Ouch Carl....Ouch. (Snickering)

Honeywell posted this on LinkedIn Today. The caption:

"Creating connected businesses is key to a security integrator’s overall bottom line and success. Stop by ASIS booth #2511 to see our latest products and get a free caricature."

What connected businesses, integrator's bottom lines, and their latest products have to do with free caricatures I do not know.

The artist appears to be an off-duty mime painting Bob hope. Stock images... not always the best option.

Honeywell Security Product's new President says that he wants to move Honeywell away from being 'tech centric'. Evidently too much focus on products and engineering. Quote:

"My focus and my team’s focus is going to be on the user experience for the channel,” he said. To do that Honeywell needs to move away from its “tech-centric” approach and make its products and services “much more human-centric,” Reddy said."

And what's more human-centric than a caricature...

human-centric caricature = mega-pixel man

My goodness, they even have a promotional video for it:

The old WC Fields line still applies:

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull...