Honeywell Adds GPS Tracking To Totalconnect

On the surface, it seems like a strange pairing.

However, Honeywell's addition of GPS vehicle and asset tracking tags to Total Connect security & automation portal could prove to be smart.


The new Total Connect Tracking Service part of Total Connect 2.0 enables users to pinpoint on a map where a tag is located in almost real time:

Two tiers of updates are offered: Standard (With tags transmitting once every 24 hrs) or Enhanced (tags transmit every 5 minutes).

Tags can be installed into vehicles, via ODBII ports, or through standalone battery powered units.) Items like work trailers, personal automobiles, or other high-value machinery can be tagged. Tags cost about $175 each with a monthly charge of about $20 each.

The interface supports also Geofencing, so if a tagged asset or vehicle moves outside a predefined boundary an alarm is automatically sent. For example, If thieves steal your work truck, the geofence could alert before it leaves the local area.

A Smart Move?

The biggest question: Will GPS tracking sell more Total Connect packages for dealers?

Well, maybe not based solely on the tracking interface, but it might just sway otherwise hesitant customers to sign up for the added feature.

Tracking could be especially appealing for small commercial customers. In service industries, time is money, and keeping tabs of field technicians is a classic problem. Being able to verify people are on the job, or who is closest to an emergency service call is a valuable detail for service providers. Being able to tell a customer "Our tech is 10 minutes away" honestly could be very valuable.

Honeywell Dealers

The biggest to benefit could be for the existing Total Connect resellers. Not only do they typically have teams of field installers, but they also likely have access to Total Connect demo systems.

What do you think?