Hitachi Creates Air Conditioner With Built-In Face Rec

I was just saying the other day how there are so few air conditioners with decent face rec...

What commodity device is next for face rec?

Any thoughts Konstantin, or anyone else?

It is face detection, not recognition; i.e., it is not claiming to know who is john or bob, just whether or where people are.

To that end, it sounds like a sensible / valuable idea.

Yes, just detection.

Though it's of limited use for me until recognition is added, seeing as I prefer my ambient temp to be a good 5 degrees less than my housemates; and would therefore benefit from system that could distinguish targets and deliver a personalized draft as required.

Maybe if I just plug this into it too it will do the trick:

So are there other common household devices that could benefit as well from FD?

Personally I think that this is a wrong way. People become overly dependant on technology. And this feature is like a new iPhone - same sh-t but with a feature that lets you think less.

People become overly dependant on technology.

"And in other news, a local family of four is expected to make a full recovery from extreme dehydration after their Hitachi Climat-izer™ apparently malfunctioned, spewing dangerously unconditioned and highly uncivilized amounts of raw atmosphere into the dwelling. Almost overcome by the fetid fumes, they cleverly ordered a replacement unit using One-Click, which was delivered minutes later via tandem drone."

Personally I think that this is a wrong way.

Tell me you don't rely on GPS and you'll convince me...:)

I have travelled thousands miles without GPS and before Google. Sure I use a navigator now but I almost always check the way by map in advance and for complex situations have a print from Google maps.

I have travelled thousands miles without GPS and before Google.

Me as well. In my youth I knew the city as well as any gypsy cab driver from Harlem.

Now I'll be ten miles away from home and an unexpected highway closure will throw me into a hapless confusion....

It is good to have something like this in a car compartment, just in case, and do not ask me what else I have in my trunk )

I suppose you know how to fold one too? Way off topic: did you know all professional maps have intentional errors, like made up streets?