Hikvison DS-7208HGHI-SH/A Using ONVIF

A friend had Hikvision DS-7208HGHI-SH/A and tried to use 3rd party ONVIF software to see camera video. It only display 1 stream info with resolution 960x576 (which seems like 960H). However once connection was established with correct user/pass there were no video available. So he came to me, I checked the websites about Hikvision DS-7208HGHI-SH/A, nothing about ONVIF support so I told him it's not possible to use 3rd party ONVIF software to view that TVI DVR camera video, it just coincidence that he can connect or was I wrong? Looking forward your views about this.

I am giving this recorder a try with DW Spectrum and am having troubles getting it to work. I can pull an RTSP stream with VLC player without issues. However, using that same RTSP stream string in Spectrum, it discovers the DVR channel, adds it, then says it unexpectedly disconnected.

By default, the DVR shipped with firmware ver 3.1.11, which I have updated to 3.1.14. By default, the RTSP port is 10554, which I have changed to 554, all to no avail.

What is strange is that when I first activated the DVR and attempted to discover it in Spectrum by simply using the IP address and creds, it discovered it, added it, and I was able to view a stream. However, it wouldn't record the stream that I could see. It was recording another (blank) channel instead. I deleted it and attempted to add it back in, but now it won't discover it. That is when I started down the road of using a single RTSP feed.