Hikvision Wins Award For Camera Without A Spec Sheet

Ever since this camera has been on the Hik site (> 1 month) there has been no data sheet.

Now that it's won the ISC Product Showcase Award it would be nice to showcase the product.

Anybody have the full spec sheet?

Here is some more info for you on that cam.


Thanks, I've seen that one a while back, courtesy of MM.

Its actually the reason I tried to find the real spec sheet, since it has this contradictory information:

Update: Fixed

Is it shipping/actually exist yet?

I think it is, and it comes with white gloves (not listed on spec sheet).

I have quotes from my supplier for the 4K PTZ so it is shipping.

What's the MSRP on that? And what is so special about it to win a showcase award at ICS West?

U4 not sure what the MSRP but this is the first 4k 36x PTZ camera.

$ 4,999.00 is the MSRP cost. Dealer is of course know by all dealers at their specific level.

I've bought several camera's from this vendor.