Hikvision USA Special Bulletin Sent On "White House Trade Statement"

Hikvision USA has released its second 'Special Bulletin' in 3 business days. Last Friday, they sent one out in response to the US House Bill passing. Now, they have sent another one, copied below:

Here is the White House Statement Hikvision is referring to.

This is the most ironic line from Hikvision:

supports the longstanding, mutually beneficial economic and diplomatic ties between China and North America.

China's unfair trade practices are exactly why this situation has arisen. China gets to block American web companies left and right, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. China claims security risks for foreign video surveillance vendors, so Hikvision and Dahua can dominate the Chinese market. And then they wonder why America finds this to be unfair.

As Hikvision USA President Jeffery He concludes:

I want to personally thank you for your loyalty and partnership.

Yes, Hikvision USA dealers, your loyalty to the Chinese government's video surveillance manufacturer.

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