Hikvision's Expansion

For several years, Hikvision drives the following policy regarding its partners: 1) Several years ago, distributors of the official brand Hikvision were set up with the appointment of "Gold" and "Silver" partners. 2) A bit later, an OEM chain was created with a product line that was worse in performance and functions than the original Hikvision 3) Last year, Hikvision entered the Russian market with a separate line named "Hiwatch" as a distribution line. This line largely coincided with the customer base of their OEMs partners.

As a result of a significant reduction and discounts for the prices for "Hiwatch" products, it appears the competition between OEM partners and "Hiwatch" distributors.

I have a question for market players in other countries. How are developing distribution chain and sales policy for Hikvision products in your country?

P.S.: I have serious suspicions that in the near future OEM partners will be liquidated. The max. that Hikvision will stay is the "Gold" partners.

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