Hikvision Continuous Price Cuts 2016

Following 15% to end 2015, here's 10% to end this quarter:


Memorial Day 10% Off All Hikvision Products

Q2 End of Quarter June 29/30 10% Off All Hikvision Products

You cut off the DeWalt offer; together both are like 10% off the trunkslammer dream.

Once you start doing major quarter-end reductions it's really hard to stop without taking a hit.

Hikvision does it again, less than 2 months later, another 10% off:

There is a certain Dahua OEM that does a 10% off deal every single holiday. They are running it this weekend for Memorial Day.

I do think what you are saying makes sense, that is effectively a Memorial Day special but that's a lot of price cuts in a short period of time.

And then 35 days later they are going to do a summer special 10% off on June 30/31?

No, you forgot Flag Day, Fathers Day, and then the Fourth of July sale.

Tri-Ed had one at the end of April and there was a 15% discount at the ADI expo last week. I get pretty unhappy now if I am forced to order on a non-sale day.

Steve, lol, the downside of such tactics...

What's great now they aren't all on the same day, while ADI's ended today. Tri-Ed still has one more day left on their sale tomorrow. We are the integrator that would drive two hours to save 10 percent.

I saw a post a month ago about ADI expos so maybe this gets moved over there.

So ADI used to give 5% discount off anything at their Expos a few years ago. I guess they stopped doing that because of us. Supposedly we made the biggest order ever at ADI expo ($40k plus). We actually a bunch of jobs sold and we needed to get the equipment through ADI. Our main access control line is through only ADI so that helped too. Because of our location we are only 1 hour from Cleveland, 2 hours from Columbus, 2 hours of Detroit and 3.5 hours from Cincy. So one year were able to go to like 3 or 4 expos. Saved a lot of money and ate a bunch free food too. Then I think the next year they started limited the lines that could offer a discount. I was happy with the 15% discount from HIK this year. But I think there's not much ordering that goes on at these expos which is interesting considering some of sale pricing.

What is this advertising for Hik? Do they pay? Should I pay $200 per year to eat Hik ads?

I have to be onest, I don't like this...

Two, we are analyzing trends in the industry. As U1's long list of link shows, we are no fan nor sponsor of Hikvision.

Also, as for money, you asked and I gave you a free month membership so your allegation is both wrong and unfair.

Trends in the industry? 10% off two days only, you presented the advertising not the trand. If you think that we don't see, you are very wrong. You get closer and closer to the China industry. In my opinion most probably because they pay more than the readers.

Second, yes I'm on 30 days free version, and I thank for this, but having 30 days free doesn't mean that I will eat Hik advertising.

So, who is your horse in the race?

Who else in the industry is doing 10-15% twice a month off their entire product line on top of the sale items for double dipping? If Axis did this for the next 6 months , I'm sure we would be talking about that too.

You are off base UD 2 EU.

To proclaim that IPVM is in any way advertising for Hikvision is laughable to anyone who has been a member of this site for any period of time.

You lack the perspective to 'see' anything in less than 30 days. So save the self-righteous indignation for your subreddit subscribers.

I bet 25 cents you voted your own post Informative too.

doesn't mean that I will eat Hik advertising.

2, we don't advertise for Hikvision or any manufacturer, ever.

That I am having to defend this for Hikvision is crazy. We're Hikvision #1 worldwide critic, e.g., Hikvision Exec Simultaneously Chinese Government Security Leader.

And to be clear, the reason why I am emphasizing it is a negative, i.e., Hikvision's constant price drops are destructive for the industry and a poor strategy for them. It is not sustainable.

UE2: I recently PAID for another year of IPVM (I think this is my third year). It's money well spent because IPVM shills for no one.

I encourage you to BUY a subscription and discover that John's website offers invaluable information and a dash of his irascibility. The latter, however, is another topic :)

I hope you join the club.

We're Hikvision #1 worldwide critic...

Sure you are, today.

But soon, after every other Hik critic is driven from the market by your accelerating contempt and impossible to match vitriloic, leaving IPVM with a virtual monopoly on Hik criticism, we will be at your mercy, I fear...

This was probably a deal cut when John sent Ethan to China for negotiations.

Just search the number of times he mentions HIK in articles.

Okay, just about as funny as saying Donald Trump said "build a wall" because he wants to build a resort in Mexico and needs a favor from the President of Mexico!

if I were UE2 I would demand my account closed and a refund.

Yes, it's all part of John's nefarious plan.

1) Criticize Hikvision unmercifully

2) Run Hikvision ad

3) ???

4) Profit! Bwahahahahaha!

Take a guess to what sale going on today? :)

"And then 35 days later they are going to do a summer special 10% off on June 30/31?"

So JH was clairvoyant.

well... if June had 31 days anyway. ;)

So JH was clairvoyant.

Yes, he read JD's mind.