Hikvision Ptz(Ds-2df7286-Ael)-How's The Control Feel Using Surveillance Station?

Looking to purchase the HikVision 2MP Network IR PTZ Dome Camera:


Compatible with Surveillance Station(SS).

Never used any PTZ before. Can you give me some feedback on how the PTZ camera control feels through SS? Nice if you used the 7286 but any PTZ feedback will help me.

I recommend that you look at the ds-2df8223 darkfighter ptz. It is about the same price. Also, be sure to get a jbp juction box adapter with all hikvision ptz cameras (as well as the wmpl). Well thought out hardware. Sorry, I have no experience with this recording solution. I am not sure if 123 sells the cameras with supported upgrades. I doubt it.

Good point on the Darkfighter. I've done more research and I've reduced my considerations to these two PTZ cameras. Both are listed as compatible cameras in Surveillance Station 7.1 Beta

  1. DS-2DF8223I-AEL https://www.123securityproducts.com/ds-2df8223i-ael.html
  2. acti i96 https://www.123securityproducts.com/i96.html

I'm having a very hard time deciding between these two. Prices are shown at 123securityproducts and the price is about $300 USD more for the i96($1731USD v $2033USD) I've compared the datasheets, the users manual, and searched the web to help decide but still remain up in the air.

The 8223I-AEL is very large about twice the size of the i96. I like the integrated IR in the 8223I-no IR in the i96 Sensor size is larger for the 8223I (.53 in vs .36 in).

Here's a review and pics I found on the 8223 http://www.securityelectronicsandnetworks.com/articles/2015/03/30/hikvision-darkfighter-ptz-review

Can't find much on the i96 except a few videos.

Between these two I'd appreciate any opinions.

The 8223 is unreal in low light (in color) and has a broad line of analytics. The Hikvision usa support is stellar (if you buy through proper channels). We use Exacqvision, which has almost no latency with the Hikvision PTZ cameras. ACTI served us well 2008-2009, but it is apparent that their USA sales and technical support has had dramatic hits over the last year or two. The firmware is kind of clunky and lacks features.


I looked into the Exacqvision software but don't see the 2MP DS-2DF8223I-AEL supported:


How were you able to get it to work with Exacqvision?