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Hikvision iVMS Client

Just wondering if anyone else has experience with Hikvision NVR, Specifically the viewing client? I want to commission a 30 camera system and have been testing one of "their" higher end NVR's. The live feed is fine. When I tried using the playback it was quite clunky. It was really bad on my processer which was 3 times the processor that they have specied to run the software. It chugs when viewing 3 cameras (1.3mp, 2.0mp and 3.0 mp... avg fps 8). I really do like their cameras and was hoping to be able to use NVR. Thoughts...???

John- what region are you in. I can arange contact to Tech Support. This is typically not an issue.

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Bob Germain

Take a look at task manager while having IVMS open. What percentage of your processor is being utilized? If you're at 100% that is your root cause.

What processor do you have? If you do not know select open control panel and select system. It should identify the processor in there.

Bob: Thanks for your concern, I reached out to technical support and they said that it was a limitation of the software. I may have left out above that the software worked average at regular speed. It was when I sped up the playback that it crushed my pc. Originally I was using the software 2.0.0.xx, once upgraded to 2.3.x.x it improved but still didn't meet my needs.

Austin, I tested on both an AMD quad core ( will have to go back to work to check exact model), And Intel I7 2620M. Both CPU's jumped from 50 to 100 to 90 and back to 100. It displayed this both in the task manager "performance". Both PC's are fairly new and powerful with SSD hard drives.


I've had a lot of problems with 4200. Very slow even during live view and I find that it hangs a lot. Even when trying to switch between single cameras (I could understand if it was 20 cameras).


There are updates that improved the quality of viewinng a recorded stream. Still will not meet my needs but none the less better. Did you try v2.3.0.4? There are some changes to the way you search(cofusing) but performs a little bit better.

I am on v2.00.08.50 and I cannot find v. anywhere.

Jon, I have seen it get sluggish when trying to playback several cameras off-site at one time @ 4x or higher. Is this your ownly problem with IVMS or are there others?

It's pretty sluggish regardless of what I am doing. that being said, I only notice it when I am viewing a site remotely... None the less, it should not be this bad.