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Hikvision IVMS 5200 - A Competitor To Genetec And Milestone?

Has anybody tested this product and have any feedback for me?

Mark- the product is not available in North America at this time. We have just started field testing at a few beta sites. It is a not a 4200 replacement as it is a higher level prodct.

Hi Bob - Thanks for the reply. I am in South Africa and it isnt available here yet either, but I was hoping to get some feedback regarding the functionality and stability. I have an application with about 50 sites that need exception based monitoring in a central control room so was looking for a cost effective solution. My other option is Milestone but the costs are eye watering...

Mark, here's Hikvision 5200 VMS product deck.

It looks to be positioned as 'real' / 'open' / 'enterprise' VMS. Comparing to the existing 4200, here is their claim:

That sounds, to me, that the 5200 is going to be more of a Milestone / Genetec competitor (though certainly remains to be seen how significant or strong they can, as building an enterprise VMS is no small task for anyone).

We're definitely interested in testing this.

Thanks John - its that .ppt that caught my attention, but I am struggling to find any real world deployments that can vouch for the claims. I have the hardware and am very keen to run any beta/prerelease versions and give feedback... I also have preliminary costing that doesnt scare me off and if it does what they say will be a very viable alternative.

Mark, besides price, are there any claimed features for the 5200 that is motivating you to select it?

I ask because, as you know, there are many mature, full featured VMSes on the market. Price is certainly a valid reason, don't get me wrong. I am just wondering if that's the main driver.

Mark- I cannot speak for the rest of the world, but it has been deployed in China. International release is starting to happen now. I do not know who your local Hikvision Office is- iSouth Africa may be supported out of teh Middle East office listed on our website. US pricing is not established. I do not know about other International Markets.

I've deleted both recommendations for other VMSes as they are off topic and the second one, being so short, is almost promotional.

Can someone explain what "client" refers to? Have used the IVMS with multiple sites and it works fine.

Mark what is "exception based monitoring in a central control room"?

Thanks for all the replies. In essence I need an enterprise VMS that can monitor multiple standalone sites and push through alarms on whatever predetermined parameters are stipulated. I also need to generate logs, rules, standard operating procedures, centralized recording on events, mapping, automated patrols etc in a remote control room.

Milestone Corporate with Interconnect licences and individual Milestone (Essential, Pro whatever) servers on site is the obvious choice, but as mentioned earlier this is very expensive and the cost per channel is very high.

IVMS 5200 seems to have the same sort of features, but with a much lower cost, especially when it comes to the per channel cost. I have had very good results with the other Hik products and am happy installing them.

I have looked at NUUO CMS and Netfocus CMAS but am not convinced by either of these. Another critical thing is local support.

If no-one has anything further to add I will wait for a test version and let you know my results.

Mark, thanks for the detailed explanation. This definitely helps.

Basically, you want an enterprise VMS at an entry level price :)

For others, Milestone Interconnect allows one to buy inexpensive Milestone licenses (like Essential for $49 USD MSRP) and then for another $119 MSRP more to 'interconnect' them with Milestone Corporate (which is typically $300+ per channel).

If Interconnect is too expensive, it implies that Mark is looking for something under $150 USD, which for a true enterprise system is pushing it.

One approach is to negotiate with VMS vendors for discounts. If the deals are large enough, huge discounts are commonplace.

That said, members, if you have VMSes that meet both the technical and price constraints, feel free to share.

Hi Mark

The NUUO Main Console does allow for push notifications. Here is a link to an IPVM review done in 2009 Testing NUUO's IP Video Surveillance Software

[IPVM Note: That review is way out of date and does not reflect advances / improvements in NUUO]

Mark- please conatct me at -- I have a contact for you if you are interested.

Got this from Hikvision today. A little more information.

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Here is som distributed Deploeyment of iVMS-5200