Hikvision ISC West 2017 New Products

6 new products Hikvision will be focusing on for ISC West.

Interesting products indeed. However, I think the product that will make the most impact on the market is their 4K economy line that is about to be released. 

$100 4K cameras by this time next year... 

I doubt it will be that low, but possibly under $200 which is still pretty phenomenal for 4K standards. Ya never know. 

I do expect these to sell well. The overall image quality on them is pretty fantastic.

Well, ADI announced W-Box 4MP at sub-$100

At the rate prices are declining, if 4K is not $100 then, it could get close in 2018.

What about the Blazer Pro?

What about the Blazer Pro?

Rashid, I do not know. Our team will check this week but, in general, many Hikvision products North American introductions are delayed.

Blazer Express is an interesting product.

All your basic analytics included from the offset. PS overlay, heat mapping etc.  I can't remember from the launch of ANPR was included as well. But it was across all channels.

I heard Hikvison shipped 20k 4k cameras for costco via a wholeseller at 75 usd in a kit

maybe cheaper to buy from costco?