Hikvision Fisheye / Panoramic With Exacq Vision

I have an application where a panoramic camera would actually be useful. Its for a drop box. I am leaning towards the Hikvision DS-2CD6332FWD-IV but I plan to use exacq vision but according to this "hikvision_integrated_ir_panoramic_tested" report the camera only works with ONVIF and dewarping wasn't functional. I was curiouse if this has been resolved yet as it still is not supported on Exacq's website. Was wondering if motion detection worked and if the images can be dewarped. Any one have any other experiences with this camera?

Hey Craig sorry for the delay. I wanted to check some things.

The 6332 connects via ONVIF in Exacq fine. Motion detection works. Dewarping is on the camera only, not client side.

There are a couple of caveats, though.

1. Each stream adds as a separate camera. You have to add it to Exacq with an additional "#profile=" string. so if your camera is, this is what you need to do for each stream:

  •, no #profile -- Warped overview stream.
  • -- Dual or single panorama stream, depending on whether you are in ceiling or wall mode.
  • -- PTZ region 1 (PTZ controls work fine)
  • Profiles 3 and 4 are PTZ regions 2 and 3

2. Because you have to add them with different strings, each stream takes up a license. So if you use all five streams (overview, pano, PTZ 1-3), you're using five camera licenses.

3. VMD works but only on the fisheye stream. Events don't pass through on the pano or PTZ streams. Soooooo, if you want to record on motion, you'll need to add the fisheye stream even if you don't use it, and then tie motion on that stream to recording on the others.

It's obviously a bit wonky because it's not officially integrated, but I hope that helps.

Ethan, that is exactly what i was looking for and I appreciate the time you put into it. The only thing i wanted to use it for was the low profile mounted on a wall, but I think i will quote the axis one instead as that one will fully integrate, and not cost me $200.00 in licenses to get what i want. as i don't want to bother with the having vmd set up on the pano stream, and try to do a vmd event to record video on another stream and all that garbage. I was just curiouse if they had made the integration to exacq yet. So Thanks again, you saved me from some potential headaches.