Hikvision IR PTZ 2MP 20x "DE Line" New Release And Inexpensive

Looking at Hikvision website and found this EZVIZ IR 2MP 20x PTZ



Download the datasheet ("Download" tab per above link) and take a look.

Price is very nice, $750 USD,


Considering I just paid $2,600 USD for the Hikvision top of the line IR PTZ (3MP 36x)


this one looks mighty good.


$750 for an outdoor PTZ is pretty amazing, especially since it has built in IR (rated at 150m).

The main risk we have seen in other IR PTZs is that tracking / long range zoom with IR did not work well. Do you have any experience with Hikvision's (i.e., at night, zoom and track a far away subject)?


I really overdid it when I bought my 3MP 36x but what the heck I figured.

My typical zoom distance is less than 200 feet and the night IR is impressive as I can actually see facial features that are recognizable.

I'm using iVMS-4200 on my desktop workstation with smart tracking and event triggered recording. The new 20x looks like it might be worth adding to my home residential system as i really like being able to control the camera from my desktop.

I guess for end user it's ok price

not for a dealer