Hikvision Enterprise 5200 VMS Now Deployed In The US

For a while, Hikvision NA has emphasized that they would not deploy their enterprise iVMS-5200 software in the US, presumably not to offend / compete with enterprise VMS partners, like Milestone, Exacq, Genetec, etc.

Now, Security Management is reporting that a New Mexico casino has deployed the 5200:

During the recent upgrade, Santa Ana Star Casino replaced the 40 DVRs with 24 hybrid DVRs equipped with several Hikvision products, including iVMS-5200 software, new encoders, and 10 storage servers.

Hikvision declined comment on whether the 5200 was being used or what is going on with the 5200 in North America.

Anyone with any information on what Hikvision US is or is not doing with their 'enterprise' VMS software?

...they would not deploy their enterprise IVMS-5200 software in the US...

US=United States

Technically it's not in New Mexico (or any state), it's in Pueblo Nation.


btw, hikvision just rolled out the newest version of their IVMS softwate.

It's available only to specific registered projects that are pre-approved for 5200 in specific verticals. AFAIK there are multiple iVMS-5200 sites in the U.S. almost entirely in gaming verticals. I'm sure if someone had the right Fortune 500 or public project they would sign off on selling it for the project. Not sure what other verticals they are targeting but definitely the megaproject/gaming verticals due to sheer volume of product being deployed for a good beta test.

My Hik rep told us last week that it would be coming, but was a matter of timing. They have built relationships with other partners that are important to them. Releasing 5200 could damage these if not done correctly.

Will 5200 be free for Hikvision and a license fee for 3rd party cameras? Or will it be totally free? Anyone know yet?

Pricing here in Aus is per camera irrespective of brand.

Per what we know from prospective projects that may get 5200 approval. It's per camera licensing. There is no license fee for third party cams. Problem is the 5200 is not available for integrator resale at the moment. It's a maintenance / beta testing plan type agreement right now.

In New Zealand we buy the server preloaded with licensing for 256 cameras. IVMS is not free in NZ.

I am working on a project outside the US. And I am interested in the Hikivision 5200:

How does it deal with Hikvision NVRs? Are they seen/considered as one entity thus one (1) license per NVR regardless of the number of camera attached to the device or are the licenses per camera regardless? Thanks

Per channel. 64 cameras on a 9664? 64 licenses.

During the recent upgrade, Santa Ana Star Casino replaced the 40 DVRs with 24 hybrid DVRs equipped with several Hikvision products, including iVMS-5200 software, new encoders, and 10 storage servers...

Does 5200 really run on their hybrid DVR appliances?

5200 doesn't run on the NVR/DVRs

5200 runs on it's own server. It is capable of functioning as a Windows based VMS but it's designed to pull all the information from the devices closer to the edge, be they NVR/DVR or camera directly.

Whose recording the streams, the DVR or the PC?


As I said, the 5200 can do it of needed but the designed method is for the dvr to do it

So would a common design be such that the operators in the SOC would use the 5200 control client which would connect to a 5200 server which would connect to a hybrid DVR which would connect to a camera?


You can see the topology in diagram in their brochure here

I'm wondering how responsive the PTZ control is, considering the number of hops.

The iVMS-5200 (or at least the version which has been available on the European market for quite some time now) has also the capability to record streams (from ip cameras or recorders), e.g. it can be used as a pc nvr and storage solution. For this function a separate "storage server" license should be purchased. So far though, in most of the installations I have witnessed, the iVMS-5200 is deployed as a more sophisticated CMS software which can provide more advanced alarm and video monitoring features, while the recording is done in NVRs. The most significant advantages compared to the free iVMS-4200 are the client-server architecture, which allows for centralized setup and administration as well as the additional "add-on" modules (also purchased separately) like LPR, business intelligence/people counting and mobile transportation CCTV. For some of these addon features to be functional, one would need a specific Hik camera. Also available now here in EU is a pre-assembled Hikvision PC server which comes with iVMS-5200 on board with 128 channel licenses (it is called "Blazer PRO")

I am working on a large scale Municipal project involving 2000+ cameras. We are strongly considering 5200 due to the excellent feedback we have received from other localities and the engineering support behind Hikvision. We have deployed several of the higher end 128 channel machines with excellent results. Hikvision support for the products across the board has been 'remarkable'. We have deployed around 900+ IP cameras so far with '1' failure over the last 18 months. The technical support is first class, we have a local corporate tech in our immediate area to help the Integrator with any issues they cannot resolve. You can knock the Chinese all you want, there are some bad apples, but HIKVISION is not one of them.

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