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Hikvision Encoders With Exacq - Has Anyone Used This Combination? Any Feedback Would Be Helpful.

I build my own servers, so I'm interested in using some of the HikVision 4, 8, or 16ch units to integrate with Exacq. I currently use Panasonic and Sony Encoders and have had good luck with them, but I'm looking for a little lower cost alternative. I'm familiar with HikVision because I have tested and used some of their cameras.

I'm intersted in if the image quality was very good as well as the reliability of the network connection, I/O, and audio.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hikvision Encoders (listed as Digital Video Servers) are integrated to Exacq. See link for integration status.


I have additional infor that is not refelected in that file from April that the 6708 and 6716 are also integrated with customized firmware.

I did see that they are listed on the Exacq equipment list.