Hikvision Configuration File Save/Restore Help

I have 8 Hikvision IP cameras on my local LAN and I record to a Hikvision NVR on the LAN.

Each camera has my scene specific settings for smart events, sensitivity, recording schedule, etc. Basically a lot of work to put these back in via the camera web interface if they get reset or changed. This has happened often enough that I've taken screen shots and use them as guides to manually restore settings when they are lost.

Maybe a better way is to use a configuration file if I knew exactly what was going to be restored.

Each camera has the capability (from the web interface) to export a configuration file. So, I've done this for all 8 cameras.

Anybody have experience with restoring a Hikvision configuration file? Does it restore all camera settings just as they were when the file was saved? What does it restore?

FYI, I find the export and import config file in the web interface under "maintenance."


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