Hikvision Comes Clean On Communist Ownership!

Jeffery He gives an interview in SSI where He discusses ownership questions:

...let me try to explain a bit of the structure of the company. There are two state-owned enterprises that own 42% of the company, with other people and venture capital investors owning the rest, including 18% from private equity in Hong Kong. Then in the open stock market there are shareholders all over the place. Some of the shareholders are foreign investors, as well.

For people who don’t really understand what state-owned enterprises are, and they’re trying to equalize them with the government, that’s too simple and sometimes naïve or purposely misleading. You can’t equalize state-owned enterprises to the government, that’s No. 1. No. 2, even though we’re partially owned by these SOEs, we’re also owned by many other legal entities or private parties. We are responsible to those shareholders as well. Many believe we have received funding from the government. In the past, the company I worked with received a certain grant. So Hikvision has a certain grant from the government as swell, for research and development.

I think brand elevation is still a major challenge for us. That has shown in the past few months a lot of the negative campaigns against us, indicating we have a long way to go to elevate our brand equity. That, of course, has been impacted by the national politics. There’s nothing Hikvision can do, we can’t change that. But I believe that as long as we provide value the people eventually will say, “This is good value, and we love it."...

His main points relating to Chinese owenership:

1. You do not understand China

2. I'm actually Canadian, so...