Hikvision Blogs About IPVM: "Putting Blogger Anti-Hikvision Rhetoric In Perspective"

Hikvision started a blog last month and in their most recent entry, they took aim at IPVM: "Putting Blogger Anti-Hikvision Rhetoric in Perspective"

Same fundamental theme we covered in March 2017: Hikvision Attacks IPVM but much longer (~800 words) with Hikvision making more accusations such as:

  • "absolutely unethical"
  • "anti-everything"
  • "perpetual bitter rage"
  • "political hogwash"
  • "promoting hatred, prejudice, and fear"
  • "outlandish manufacturer conspiracies"
  • "nefarious insults"

Anyone with questions, comments, feedback, etc., feel free to share.

Is there a model# for their new Roving Turret?

I love how they wrote this on a blog that no one reads, until you commented on it that is. 

I'm amused that they accuse someone of hiding behind a keyboard while putting no name on the "blog". Last I checked, John (IF THAT IS HIS REAL NAME) puts his name on his posts. 

Pathetic how far they and their loyal footsoldiers will go.

Is that coming from their new crisis writer?

Is that coming from their new crisis writer?

I don't know who wrote that blog post but it does not sound like their crisis communications writer.

Please Bob:

Take all your overrated tools, inexpensive educational courses and fact-based product comparisons and go away so we can combat terrorism, safeguard people, property and assets, and make the world a safer place.

Hardworking People and Businesses



Not sure if this is sarcasm?  Maybe?  Should I LOL or HUH?

I didn't see any source writing countering any "fake news" claims Hikvision had. It read like a rant and rave session. Put sources behind your claims and allow readers to make their judgments. This is something I feel IPVM has done a phenomenal job at!