"Hikvision Always Prevails"

From a Hikvision employee:

Afraid to put anyone up against Hikvision? In the last few months, IPVM tests include:

We run new shootouts with Hikvision regularly. We have H.265+ test results coming out this week, etc. [Update: Hikvision H.265+ Tested]

The Hikvision employee is complaining that we did not include their multi-imager against the DW 48MP, which we did for Hikvision's benefit because their 180 multi-imager is an 8MP.

As for:

Hikvision always prevails

No manufacturer 'always' wins. Perhaps it makes him feel good to say it, but it is a silly contention.

That said, if Hikvision employees want to continue making such obviously disprovable claims that will further erode their reputation, that is their prerogative.

If we had an employee say something like this on social media they would be put on notice. When will employees learn that no matter what discussion they're involved in on the internet today they're representing the company they are currently employed with. One dumb comment could severely damage a businesses reputation. Now I'm not saying this guys comment was horrible. But he is coming across as a real jerk online, and that's no longer acceptable. In the past, it was OK to be a jerk online and a professional in the office. No longer is that the case. 

YOU or anyone else should have the right, integrity, values to respond, support, reflect on views of what is or is not in any company. 

Profession in office or company but off line just your opinion. YOUR just public 

Just remember people don't forget easily so be careful what you do. 

I think any company who has a reputation and any  longevity has the ability to take criticism from the public or company personnel.

Using the right channels to stay anonymous.

You have to protect your assets, company, and reputation in the process.

Large companies can take this. Strong backs, thick skins, and great HR Dept to fix this.


While I dont always agree what cameras should be tested and are tested in every "shootout" IPVM does rotate whats in the groups enough to make it a non issue.

Hikvision is in about 90% of the shootouts these days, maybe hes still sore from all the cyber security news Hikvision's had to suffer from last couple of weeks.



whats in the groups enough to make it a non issue.

It's an issue if you are not in the most frequent 5 or 10, say Bosch, Sony, Vivotek, ACTi, etc.

There is a logistical constraint, not just in terms of us doing the test but in terms of people reading / making sense of the results. When you have 6 - 10 cameras in a shootout the image comparisons get large (multiple rows) and more difficult to make sense of.

I do believe some manufacturers have real grievance about being left out but certainly not say Axis or Hikvision, who are the two most common in our shootouts.

Oh, they are in the most frequent group... But not for the categories that they want... :)

Also, maybe there is no such thing as bad publicity.  They want to drum up more and beat the war drum that everyone is so biased, etc. so we feel badly for them...

beat the war drum that everyone is so biased, etc. so we feel badly for them...

I think the target audience is (1) their own dealers and (2) their own employees. To that end, it certainly helps. Those are people whom, by definition, want to believe so you have to give them something to believe in.

Hikvision management almost certainly knows by now that other manufacturers hate them far more than any other competitor. I am sure they can justify that to themselves as jealousy but, from a market standpoint, having competitors hate you makes things harder. As a counter example, Axis has never been hated, even during their long stretch of strong growth and market share taking from incumbents.

These Company's would not be in business if they did not know how to recover from bad publicity,anyone else is no different. 

They can take it. 

You might get fired or let go in the process , but that s your right is freedom to say what you want. 

it has a price to pay. 


Keep up the good work John and others , Helps keep them on the straight and narrow. 


"GURU" ... I hit the floor on that one!

Yeah anyone claiming to be a "guru" or "expert" is usually the guy calling tech support shouting "I've been installing analog cameras for the past 10 years, I think I know enough to do IP systems...wait, why can't my IP address be".  If you have to blow your own horn on the internet then best of luck to you, you'll need it.

no such thing as true security when the world can access it. 

Stand Alone is the true answer with no connection out. 


Change all the values once you get into the unit. 

Replace the hidden access with complicated encription which lock s out for more than 5 min intervals

and has to have multiple codes for access ( 16 digit ) min. 

"Guru" !

Now I understand the long list of Security breaches revealed on Hikvision equipment.

I guess Hikvision is full of security gurus

If John were the type of person who would knowingly make false accusations to hurt Hikvision, then why wouldn't he just make a false test?


If John were the type of person who would knowingly make false accusations to hurt Hikvision, then why wouldn't he just make a false test?

Lol, that's funny because it's true. It forces Hikvision to go through extreme mental gymnastics. I think, deep down inside, a lot of them know who the party that is making the 'false accusations'...

Oh boy, ego check. One who designs and or sells security equipment isn't a security guru. He's a guy who designs and or sell security equipment.

Replace "England" with "Hikvision" and here's how imagine the sign-off from their CEO looks on a conference call.

Hikvision Prevails!


Hikvision employees are told what to say, when to say it, and to whom they can talk to. Disagree with Hikvision and they circle their wagons quickly. I'm amazed that they have produced enough Hikvision "cool-aid" (sic) for new employees in North America, and believe me, all have partaken of the HIK refreshment, and are now believers.

YOU own the product , now own the people, and those who sell the product 

That s employment 


John is no longer with Hikvision....

He was let go last week. 

He was let go last week.

No, he was only finished with the first phase...




Don't take it personally , just good business. 

YOUR just another number in the machine



Hi all, I usually don't weigh in in these, more because I am an more of an end user who got involve because the new salesperson at the camera company who set up our system also spec'd it. We were too small for the engineering company who was supposed to certify us to really look the system over... you know the drill... at any rate I now use the tech that they subcontracted to clean up the mess, and he loves Hikvision. I chide him abiut the Chinese watching my cameras, but they were inexpensive and have proven reliable. They are not the best, but they have proven reliable.


as far as them being included in most of the tests, they have a large part of the market-share and should be up there with the top 4 players. The IPVM audience should be aware of market trends and what is out there. If they have a camera of choice, John has always made an attempt to find out about them.... 


And so I say good job. You are giving the camera industry help in wading through the dark waters. No manufacturer is the best all of the time, but again John shouldn't let anyone tell him what to test