Hik POE NVR - How Many IP Cameras?

Anybody know how many IP cameras can be added to the 7616 NIE series 16Ch POE NVR through the NIC? Is there a cap on number and does the POE connected total factor in?

Hi David,

From my experience it's 16 cameras total combined NIC and on-board PoE.

So if I only used say 4 of the POE ports I'd have 12 possible on the NIC? I ask because I once tried to add 2 cams to the NIC on a 4 POE port machine and had a pop up telling me only one was possible even though only 2 POE ports were in use and bandwidth appeared available.

It depends on the generation on NVR - I had the issue you described when my camera bit rate was too high. Otherwise, I was able to mix and match without any issues. It could also be an incoming bandwidth issue. The 7616 has 100Mbps of incoming available.

Do you recall the model of NVR you used in the past?


That's weird that it would not allow you to add the two external cameras.

Maybe a firmware issue? Something to ask Hik tech support if you have a contact person.

According to this specsheet: Model 76xx NVRs

Max channels are limited based on camera resolution, (16-ch@4CIF, 12-ch@720P, 6-ch@1080P)

And PoE is limited to a max of 8 ports on a 16 channel model, with a max of 120W (or ~15W per port of all 8 are used).