Hik Introduces Blazer VMS Appliance, Overseas...

Running the un-North American iVMS-5200:

...the Blazer Pro shares all the features with Hikvision video management software, including real-time video preview, video playback, alarm management and smart features. It also supports vertical modules including Transact module and a Business Intelligence module for retail, License Plate Recognition module for transportation and parking sectors, as well as Access Control module for building facility management. - Security Solutions Magazine

It looks like an interesting product, but probably overly expensive. I'm not entirely sure I would want 256 or 512 cameras dumping to a single server. For the price of this type of purpose built hardware, you could probably buy a few/many COTS Dell servers and have the load balanced more widely.

Also, it's rather strange that they are running these NVRs on Win8.1. I would have imagined Windows Embedded or Server. Not that Windows 7/8/10 can't be used, but for such a purpose built NVR, and the likely price tag, I would have used something other than a desktop OS.

It would have to have some features not found in a COTS server for me to risk an outage due to a part failing and not being able to get a replacement part quickly.