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What Is The Highest MP Camera Available Today?

Does anyone know of a camera manufacturer who is manufacturing a single brick camera with a higher MP rating than Avigilon's newest 29 MP offering? I know Arecont has a multi sensor hemispheric camera that produces a 40 MP output, but I need something that will allow me to get a single field of view of between 30 and 60 degrees to cover an extremely large area while allowing me to zoom in on the image both in live and post recorded modes.

It's a good question but probably a bad idea :)

I don't know any IP camera more than 29MP, but you can compare to Ampleye's 20MP one, which I think is 'second' for max total pixels.

Please make sure to field test whatever you choose to verify that low light performance is acceptable, frame rate is enough and storage consumption / network load is viable.

Btw, there's also Gigapixel cameras which scan an area and create a super detailed, super low frame rate feed, e.g., Gigapixel Surveillance Camera (ipConfigure) and Sony XIS - 248MP Camera System.

It is a multisensor but you may want to look at Dallmeier Panomera.

I saw a demo of this camera system at a seaport several months ago. It's called WAVcam. It's an impressive system for wide area surveillance. Cost is anywhere from $150K to 450K.

Ed, thanks for sharing WAVcam. A few more details so readers can get a better sense of its positioning:

"Each WAVcam video frame is typically 50 to 80 Mpixels, includes change detect history and is updated at a rate of approximately 1 to 2 WAVs (wide angle view) per second."

"Change detect history/tracking display ... indicates the target’s current and past locations, relative horizontal velocity and size - effectively an easily recognized target signature that instantly informs system operators of all activity in the entire wide area field of view."

It seems to be optimized for harbor / shipping applications. Example image: