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What Camera Should I Select To Be Mounted On A Building For General Surveillance?

What camera would you recommend to be mounted on the side of a building for general surveillance?


Some preliminary questions for us to better recommend:

  • How wide of an area do you want to cover?
  • How far away do you want to be able to make out details?
  • What type of details do you want to make out? Outlines of people only or facial features?
  • How dark is it at night? How important is it to get good shots at night?

The area is 300 meters long, and 100 meters wide.

The building is on the edge of the area (which is to be monitored)

The building is 30 floors high, and the cameras could be mounted at any height.

Preferably to be able to get general view with fixed cameras and a supporting PTZ for recognition and LPC

For night there are street lights on the first 200 meters and no lights at the edge

The image quality at night is important.

The recommended cameras must be compatible with an open VMS, since we will be using sony, arecont and samsung cameras in the same VMS.