High FPS / Production Cameras With VMS

i have a industrial customer that is currently uses a 1 camera and 1 recorder to capture video on a piece of equipment that produces 240 units per minute. This camera is used to review issues with the product / equipment on the line. Current equipment is 2020/Hindsight with the camera recorder is capturing 120fps. What I have found out is this is a production camera solution NOT a security camera solution. Is it fps that i need or a camera with the shutter speeds to handle this?

Is the current camera / recorder giving the customer what they need? Is the equipment moving too fast relative to the frame rate of the camera.

Related, 2020/Hindsight evidently makes a variety of models, which they claim range from 120 to 10,000fps. Presumably, the one at the site is their lowest end one.

If the line is producing 240 units per minute, I am assuming you need at least 240fps, given how fast units are being produced. To that end, no security camera that I know will work at such fast frame rates. This is wrong. See below.

If the line is producing 240 units per minute, I am assuming you need at least 240fps, given how fast units are being produced.

Why so fast, what's the math? 4 units per second=60 frames per unit?

The 4K Lilin can do 120 FPS at 1080.

That's my fault. Thanks. I read it when I first woke up as 240 per second.

So yes, that changes. If it's 240 per minute, it's 4 per second.

4 per second for a 120fps camera should not be a problem. That's 30 frames per unit produced.

A, can you share a still or short video segment? I am now confused about what the problem would be.

I wonder if the iPhone's 720p 240 fps mode will have any influence on the market? Of course, it only stores for a few seconds, then plays back, which isn't the same challenge as a continuous view and store.

John - This is where I am not familiar. From what a few of my reps said that is this is a broadcast / production setup not a security setup. I am a little confused too. Then 1 rep was worried about the shutter speeds. We have recorded certain security cameras and interview rooms at 30fps on analog DVR's. This industrial manufactuer is using this setup to record / review per shift for issues with the run being a pakaging or line equipement issue. I know they said this line is one of the slower lines. They have this camera on a cart they they reel next to the line and then manual adjust and focus the lens. If it is a lower fps camera would it miss video from the compression being the objects are moving too quick?

A, call support at 2020/Hindsight first. That it is not a security camera is not necessarily a weakness.

You will need to share some images or a short clip with them so they can give feedback.

From what I can tell, this may be one of 2020/Hindsight's 'slower lines' but even their slowest is incredibly fast compared to surveillance cameras. As such, it may simply be a configuration / setup issue. I'd absolutely check that first before considering any new security equipment.