Choosing An HD Camera For A Fishing Boat

I have an unusual application. The customer is an offshore sportfisherman. He wants to put multiple IP cameras on a boat to record the action when they are figting big game fish in the ocean. I know it can be done with Heros but changing batteries and memory cards all the time isn't going to happen. I have a feeling that your traditional H.264 security camera will have an issue recording clearly with the constant motion of the boat rocking back and forth non-stop. Also the recorder will have to most likely be a NAS of sorts that just boots automatically and starts recording when they get on board and power up.

Any suggestions on hardware for this type of thing?

After 5 years, John do you still recommend only Mobotix or there are other options to consider for cameras inside boats/yachts?

Interesting, I would have said GoPro Hero cameras, seems like a solution you can't beat for the price and performance. have you seen the YouTube video "I forgot my phone?" Hilarious. Seems like anyone fishing big fish would have 5 friends with smartphones around. lol

Check this out.

Mobotix! No pesky H.264 to worry about, on board storage, low power consumption, the cameras are built like tanks :)